Facts and Personnel - Medlog

Medlog's personnel assist Medlog's agents in shipping matters. The most competitive rates for each part of any leg are discussed and eventually offered. Medlog's agents guide their own clients on the most opportune shipping method and terms of transport.


Medlog's Current Commercial Team.

Medlog's commercial and marketing fuctions are handled by Gaja, Sofia and Hande whilst the administrative and accounting functions are handled by Margherita & Cristina. Ilona handles the container trade  division.

Peter has managed the company for the past 13 years.

H Mifsud Shipping Ltd's management team and personnel have also contributed successfully to the growth of Medlog.


Medlog's Current list of Agents.


1-Med Egypt

2-Tarros Turkey

3-Tarros Morocco

4- Tarros Hellas

5-Tarros Portugal

6-Tarros Phoenicia - Lebanon

7-MedAgensea Algeria

8-Sisam Group - Black Sea

Medlog's Partners

Medlog's structure is based on the expertise of Tarros Spa's Maltese local agent for over 25 years, namely: H Mifsud Shipping Ltd.

Chev Hubert C Mifsud KM chairs H.Mifsud Shipping Ltd and Med Logistics (Malta) Ltd.

Web Site : www.hms.com.mt