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Container Trade - We buy and sell all Types of Containers

What is it that We do?
In effect we carry containerised and conventional goods across the Mediterranean and Black Sea.


Who are we?
Med Logistics (Malta) Ltd is an independent company managed in Malta by Maltese personnel.

It is owned by Tarros Spa which is located in La Spezia-Italy.


Tarros Spa forms part of a group of companies and it has been  managed by the same family for six generations.


More information on the mother company can be found on site:


Medlog is categorised as a shipping company and it offers its agents' clients, who are either buyers or sellers, the ability to transport/carry goods in various types of containers (20ft or 40/45ft) in any of its routes.


Medlog offers shipping services between and within the following countries:

Mediterranean Sea - Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, Greece & Lebanon.

Black Sea - Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania.


What type of Containers do we use?

A-20ft Box, Open Top, Flat Rack

B-40ft Box, High Cube Dry, Open Top, Open Top High Cube, Pallet Wide Sea Cell, Pallet Wide Sea Cell High Cube, Pallet Wide Cellular Friendly (Series 490), Platform, Reefer High Cube

C-45ft Box


What type of Goods do we carry?

We carry all sorts of goods with the exception of IMO1 and 7 goods.